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Here’s the story:


I’ve been raising chickens and livestock for decades, and writing about it on my blog, FrugalChicken. I have hundreds of thousands of readers every month who have successfully raised chickens following my advice.


Yet, every day, about 7,000 brand spanking new chicken owners email me with the same question:


I just got chicks and I don’t know what to do!


What is this funky egg my hen just laid?! Is she sick?!!!


Why the %*@! aren’t my hens laying yet?! [cue frustrated tone]


So, what do you do? You research, right?


But, there’s a problem with all the information out there [insert dramatic music here].


The problem is there’s a lot of internet chatter, and a lot of it isn’t right, or at least isn’t right for your flock.


And there’s not a whole lot of “straight to the point” guidance, either (and trust me, I’ve seen what’s out there, too).


Our goal is to keep our chickens healthy, right?


So, what else can you do besides following advice from unreliable sources?


Well…you can try to figure it out yourself.



  • There’s a LOT of information out there – who has time to sort through it all?
  • Trial and error is a sucky way to raise a flock (what if you get it wrong?)
  • You want healthy hens RIGHT NOW!


What ends up happening?


You scratch your head, looking at everything out there, from traditional commercial feeds and non-GMO organic feeds, to what to do when your chickens are sick, to why they’re laying weird eggs


And you come away not only confused, but not even sure you want to start a flock in the first place.




You keep doing what you’re doing and keep your fingers crossed your hens stay healthy. Until they’re not.




Well, good news. That’s why I’ve created these video workshops.


Introducing Healthy Coop Boot Camp!


A little secret: Once upon a time I was just like you – trying to sort through all the folksy remedies and internet arm chair advice I got.


I was generally confused about the best way to raise my chickens. I’ve been through many ups and downs!


I’ve spent hours doing to research – and I mean hours. I didn’t have a course like Healthy Coop Boot Camp!


Each day, I get a ton of questions from FrugalChicken readers just like you.


Questions like:

  • How much should I feed my hens?
  • What’s this weird egg in my coop?
  • How do I know what killed my chickens (so I can protect my remaining flock)?
  • How do I know when to switch from chick starter to a grower ration?


I’ve heard you.


Chickens are live animals, and we care about their health. We want to make sure they have the best and most productive lives possible. We want to enjoy their funny antics as long as possible.


However, knowing the best way to raise them can get confusing.


But what if…

  • There was a resource you could trust to have the rightinformation from the most knowledgeable researchers on the planet?
  • All that knowledge was contained in one single course that you could refer to again and again?
  • You had direct access to a trusted expert?


Well that would solve a lot right?


That’s why I’ve created full video access to my Healthy Coop Boot Camp!


So what are the benefits of Healthy Coop Boot Camp?


In just minutes, you’ll know:


  • What to feed your chicks so they’re healthy from Day 1
  • Which herbs will keep your flock healthy
  • What every coop should include – and what it shouldn’t
  • DIY all-natural coop cleaners that actually work
  • 5 ways to save money on feed – in just minutes
  • And more!


So what exactly will you get?



Two little girls with chickens

Video workshops!

Healthy Coop Boot Camp is a 15-video workshop (each video is about 5 minutes long). You’ll be taken step-by-step through everything you need to know to start your flock off right. The best part? You can do it right in your own living room, at a time convenient to you.



unnamed (93)Unlimited updates!

Whenever I have up-to-date research information to share, you’ll be the first to know. It will be uploaded as an additional bonus, and available any time you want to access it.



photoDirect access to an expert!

Of course I won’t leave you hanging! I’m involved in my community, and any questions you have, you can always contact me directly.


Here's What You'll Learn:

Getting You Comfortable Raising Chicks, DIY Brooders, & Dual Purpose Breeds

We’ll cover:

  • What to feed baby chicks so they’re healthy from Day 1
  • How to make your own brooder in 5 minutes (and for less than $12!)
  • Which breeds are perfect for both meat & eggs
Coops, When to Switch Feeds, & DIY Waterers

This workshop covers:

  • What coops should contain (including the one thing every coop should have)
  • When to safely switch feeds as your chicks grow
  • How to make your own DIY automatic waterer in just 5 minutes and under $10
Herbs to Keep Your Flock Healthy, Natural DIY Coop Cleaners, & The Free Range Question

By the end of these workshops, you’ll know:

  • Which herbs keep your hens healthy (and which you should avoid like the plague)
  • Recipes to make your own coop cleaners (you already have these ingredients!)
  • Whether free ranging is right for your flock
Protecting Your Flock From Chicken Predators, Common Weird Eggs, & Surefire Signals She's Laying

By the end of these workshops, you’ll know:

  • Identifying predators by their tell-tale signs (so you can protect your flock against them)
  • Common weird eggs your hens might lay & what they mean for your flock’s health
  • The surefire signals to watch for that mean your hens are laying
5 Ways to Save Money on Feed, Nesting Box Drama, & Stopping Egg Eaters

By the end of these workshops, you’ll know:

  • Ways to save money on feed (that are super healthy!)
  • What to line nesting boxes with, herbs to get your hens to lay, and what to do if they.just.won’t.lay
  • How to nix the frustrating habit of egg eating (without getting rid of your flock)


  • #1
    Chicken First Aid Kit Checklist Video

    Everything you should have on hand in case of a chicken emergency.

    Trust me, when that emergency comes, you’ll be glad you’re prepared! You’ll also get a downloadable list to take with you when you gather supplies.

  • #2
    Getting Rid Of Chicken Mites - Naturally

    Chicken mites can easily devastate a flock – causing you much heartache. In this video, you’ll learn how to get rid of them naturally, how to clean your coop, and how to prevent mites.

  • #3
    Preventing Summer Heat Stress

    Preventing heat stress is critical for healthy hens. It can reduce nutrient absorption, kill egg production, and even result in death. By the end of this video, you’ll learn how to keep your flock cool during summer heatwaves, even when you’re gone all day. You’ll also know how to help a chicken suffering from heat stress.

Who Are These Videos For?


You're tired of the internet chatter and just want straight forward, simple answers to raising healthy chickens, you're in the right place.

You care about the quality of your hens lives, Healthy Coop Boot Camp is for you, my friend.

You're concerned about what your family eats, and want to control your food source, then welcome aboard.

You're tired of the internet chatter, have a million questions, but aren't getting simple answers.

You just got chicks, and love them so much you want them to be super healthy.

You want to raise your chickens naturally, but aren't sure where to begin.

You want to provide nutritious food for your family, and want healthier eggs.

If you're ready to get straight forward answers to raising chickens instantly, then these videos are for you!

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Pricing Options & What Do I Do Next?

In all seriousness, I wanted to make these Healthy Coop Boot Camp affordable and accessible to every chicken owner.


Going to vet school (and most vet schools don’t actually teach small flock management!) would cost nearly $100,000 (not to mention the student loans) and doing all the research yourself (think: dull industry articles and research experiments) would take hundreds of hours.


Think of how many months you would have to read articles and reports to get all this information. Ridiculous!


That’s why I’ve made these Healthy Coop Boot Camp videos so affordable.


I want you to have a healthy flock TODAY. That’s why I’ve priced these workshop videos super low.



You can only purchase them for a limited time. I make my products for sale to the public for only a short window of time as a rule, and I reserve the right to raise the price at any time.

Get instant lifetime access before it's gone!

Lifetime Membership
one time

Lifetime access to:

  • All 15 Healthy Coop Boot Camp videos (watch whenever you want, where ever you want)
  • Bonus Videos:
    • Chicken First Aid Checklist Video
    • Getting Rid Of Chicken Mites – Naturally
    • Keeping Your Flock Cool In Summer Heat
  • An expert


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Lifetime Membership
one time

Lifetime access to:

  • All 15 Healthy Coop Boot Camp videos (watch whenever you want, where ever you want)
  • Bonus Videos:
    • Chicken First Aid Checklist Video
    • Getting Rid Of Chicken Mites – Naturally
    • Keeping Your Flock Cool In Summer Heat
  • An expert


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