Finally! Here's How To Feed Your Hens Right - No Fuss, No Muss, Just Answers!

I've raised flock after flock of healthy hens that produce nutritious eggs. I've put my system into a course so you can have a happy, healthy flock, too!

I Love My Hens!

Don't make the mistakes I see thousands of chicken owners making!

Here’s the story:

I’ve been raising chickens and livestock for decades, and writing about it on my blog, FrugalChicken. I have hundreds of thousands of readers every month who have used my system successfully.


The question I get 7,000 times a day is FrugalChicken lady (yes, that’s actually what I get called!):


I don’t know what to feed my chicks/pullets/layers…help! What should I feed them, and what if I have a mixed flock…EEK!


When it comes to our hens, of course we want to feed them right.


But, there’s a problem with all the information out there [insert dramatic music here].


The problem is there’s a lot of information out there, and a lot of it isn’t right, or at least isn’t right for your flock.


And there’s not a whole lot of “straight to the point” guidance, either (and trust me, I’ve seen what’s out there, too).


Our goal is to keep chickens for their nutritious eggs right?


So, what else can you do besides listening to internet chatter (from unreliable sources)?


Well…you can try to figure it out yourself.



  • There’s a LOT of information out there – who has time to sort through it all?
  • Trial and error is a sucky way to raise a flock
  • You want healthy hens and nutritious eggs RIGHT NOW!


What ends up happening?


You read everything out there, from traditional commercial feeds to non-GMO organic feeds, to making your own feed from scratch and come away completely confused.


You keep doing what you’re doing and every day becomes an Easter egg hunt because your flock reduces production (or worse, gets flighty and anemic).



Well, good news. That’s why I’ve created this course.


Introducing Feeding Your Hens Right!

Feeding Your Hens


A little secret: Once upon a time I was confused about what to feed my flock to get nutritious eggs consistently. I’ve been through many ups and downs!


I’ve spent hours doing to research – and I mean hours. I didn’t have a course like Feeding Your Hens Right!


Each day, I get a ton of questions from FrugalChicken readers just like you.


Questions like:

  • How much should I feed my hens?
  • How do I know when my chicks are old enough free range?
  • How can I feed my flock organically?
  • How do I know when to switch from chick starter to a grower ration?


I’ve heard you.


Chickens are live animals, and we care about their health. We want to make sure they have the best and most productive lives possible. We want to enjoy their funny antics as long as possible.


Knowing what to feed them can get confusing.


But what if…

  • There was a resource you could trust to have the right information from the most knowledgeable researchers on the planet?
  • All that knowledge was contained in one single course that you could refer to again and again?
  • You had direct access to a trusted expert?


Well that would solve a lot right?


That’s why I’ve created Feeding Your Hens Right!


So what’s the benefits?


Feeding Your Hens Right! is:

  • Packed with research-based facts about the best way to feed your hens
  • A self-paced video step-by-step guide you can do at your convenience
  • All online, easy to access any time you need it
  • Kept up-to-date with the latest research and information
  • Created by an internationally published chicken expert


By the end of Feeding Your Hens Right, you’ll know how to:

  • Feed your hens so they produce the best quality eggs
  • Make your own organic, non-GMO feeds
  • Transform their feed so it’s more nutritious but costs less
  •  Make your own supplements and probiotics to boost your hens’ health


So what exactly will you get?


shutterstock_236733442Video tutorials!

Feeding Your Hens Right is a 6 module video course workshop that teaches you everything from basic chicken nutrition to making your own feeds to increasing the digestibility of your chicken feed – and more. You can do it right in your own living room.

And don’t forget the 4 bonus videos!


DSC06839-B2Unlimited updates about the latest research!

Whenever I have up-to-date research information to share, you’ll be the first to know. It will be uploaded as an additional resource in your course, and available any time you want to access it.


Untitled designSupport from a community of chicken enthusiasts!

You’ll get instant access to a growing community of chicken owners who want to feed their flocks an optimal diet, just like you.


Dirphotoect access to an expert!

Of course I won’t leave you hanging! I’m involved in my community, and any questions you have, you can always contact me directly.


Here's What You'll Learn:

What To Feed At Every Stage Of Your Hen's Life

Soup to nuts, everything your hens needs nutritionally from the time she’s an itty bitty chick to becoming a full-grown gorgeous layer.

We’ll cover:

  • Why nutrition matters so much & how it effects egg quality
  • What to feed baby chicks, pullets, and laying hens
  • When to switch from chick starter to grower feed to layer feed
  • And more!
Common Feed Choices and Mistakes

This module covers:

  • Organic feeds/non-GMO feeds vs. regular feeds
  • Recipes so you can make your own feeds
  • What your homemade feeds should contain – and what they shouldn’t.
  • When to go with a commercial feed versus a homemade recipe, and vice versa.
  • And more!
Increasing the Nutritional Value of Your Feed
  • How to ferment chicken feed (commercial & homemade)
  • How to increase her gut health
  • Sprouting Fodder
  • Which probiotics to use and which to avoid
  • How to save mega $$$ with fermenting, fodder, and probiotics
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them!
Natural Supplements: All You Need To Know!
  • Which natural supplements to use – and which to avoid
  • The 5 common mistakes owners make
  • How to make your own supplements and probiotics
Basic Chicken Anatomy

This module covers:

  • How your hen eats – and digests
  • Why the quality of your feed matters to her digestive health
Module 6: Chicken 911!

You’ll learn:

  • My method for identifying illnesses in chickens and poultry
  • How I come up with a treatment plan
  • How I treat acute injury and potential infections – naturally
  • Avoiding withdrawal times with natural remedies


  • #1
    Chicken First Aid Kit

    Everything you should have on hand in case of a chicken emergency.

    Trust me, when that emergency comes, you’ll be glad you’re prepared!

  • #2
    How To Make Your Own Probiotic Yogurt

    A step-by-step video guide showing you how to make probiotic yogurt especially for your chickens.

  • #3
    How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar - In Your Own Kitchen!

    A video tutorial showing you how to make raw, organic, apple cider vinegar in your own kitchen! Excellent health benefits for your flock!

  • #4
    Nesting Box Herbs

    You’ll know which herbs to use in your hens’ nesting box, why they’re valuable, and how they repel harmful pathogens and insects.

Who Is This Course For?

Feeding Your Hens Is Right For You If:

You're tired of the internet chatter and just want a step-by-step plan with no confusion, then Feeding Your Hens Right! is for you, my friend.

You care about the quality of your hens lives, you’re in the right place.

You're concerned about what your family eats, and want to control your food source, then welcome aboard.

You're not getting eggs, are super frustrated, and just want them to lay, then this course is for you.

You're tired of the internet chatter, and just want to know what's best to feed your chickens.

You plan to have a flock in the future and want to arm yourself with information.

You're not getting eggs, and are super frustrated.

You want to provide nutritious food for your family, and want healthier eggs.

If you want to make sure your hens are eating an optimal diet and laying nutritious eggs, this course is for you!

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Pricing Options And What Do I Do Next?

In all seriousness, I wanted to make Feeding Your Hens Right! affordable and accessible to every chicken owner.


Going to vet school (and most vet schools don’t actually teach small flock management!) would cost nearly $100,000 (not to mention the student loans) and doing all the research yourself (think: dull industry articles and research experiments) would take hundreds of hours.


Think of how many months you would have to read articles and reports to get all this information. Ridiculous!


That’s why I’ve made Feeding Your Hens Right so affordable.


I want to get your flock eating an optimal diet TODAY. That’s why I’ve priced this course super low.





Feeding Your Hens Right is only available for a limited time. I open enrollment for only a short window, so I can give undivided attention to owners who decide the health of their hens is worth the investment.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Lifetime Membership
one time

Access to:

  • All 6 Feeding Your Hens Right! modules
  • Bonus Videos: Brewing Apple Cider Vinegar, Making Probiotic Yogurt, Nesting Box Herbs)
  • Bonus First Aid Kit Checklist
  • An expert


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Here's what other chicken owners have to say about Feeding Your Hens Right:

"Feeding Your Chickens Right" will get you started on the right path to chicken ownership. Before watching these videos, I would have suggested some books on chicken keeping, to someone asking how to raise chicks.

But now that I have seen the series, this will be what I encourage people to use. Feeding You Chicken's Right gives you valuable information. You will gain confidence. Feeding Your Hens Right is a well done course full of valuable information "

"I've been keeping chickens over ten years but I still learned so much from this course! I realized, listening to Maat talk about the importance of quality nutrition, that I've been sort of neglecting my chickens.

There's a big difference between feeding your chickens and nourishing them so they can, in turn, nourish you. Maat will give you great recommendations on feed ingredients, as well as explain simple methods like fermentation to increase the nutritional content of your poultry's food.

Pull up a chair and a notepad, put on your favorite slippers while Maat teaches you what you need to know about keeping your flock healthy in a no-nonsense, laid back, but well-researched, way."

I find that a mix of natural and traditional techniques work well with my chickens. I know what they taught us in school (not much) and I am an information gatherer. Your approach is very practical and open minded on both ends. A rare find.

Lifetime Membership
one time

Access to:

  • All 6 Feeding Your Hens Right! modules
  • Bonus Videos: Brewing Apple Cider Vinegar, Making Probiotic Yogurt, Nesting Box Herbs)
  • Bonus First Aid Kit Checklist
  • An expert


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